Lavender Lemonade: A Perfect Summer Cocktail

Refreshing in the summer, but still delightful in the winter, our Lavender Lemonade is a refreshing sip that transports you to sunny days, regardless of the season. Alongside the Rosemary Ginger Margarita, this delicious drink was always one of So Radish’s most popular cocktails year round.  If you tried this cocktail at the restaurant, it’s worth noting that a few small changes were made toRead more ->

So Radish–Recipes, Tricks and Bit of Nostalgia from Colorado’s #1 Raddest Vegan Restaurant

Hey friends! As many reading this may already know, So Radish, known by many as one of Denver’s best vegan restaurants, closed its doors in November 2023. For those who might not be familiar, So Radish was a wonderful vegan haven in the Northwest Denver area known for its funky vibes and mouthwatering, made-from-scratch comfort food. In this article, I’ll link to the recipes thatRead more ->

So Radish’s Legendary Rosemary Ginger Margaritas

Get ready to elevate your cocktail game with our Rosemary Ginger Margarita, a delightful libation crafted with love from the So Radish menu. I created this boozy treat in fall of 2018, while in the midst of planning the restaurant’s concept and menus. I tested it out on guests at my holiday party that year, and the rest is history! Enjoyed during a cozy nightRead more ->

3 Easy Whiskey Cocktails That Don’t Require a Shaker

Mixing glass - Whiskey Cocktails that don’t require a shaker

Manhattan…Boulevardier…Old Fashioned…these 3 easy whiskey cocktails are easy to make and don’t require a lot of special ingredients or equipment. They don’t even require a shaker. They’re the first classic cocktails I ever learned how to make and are a great intro for anyone new to making cocktails (especially if you love whiskey as much as I do!). Purchasing Your Ingredients Recommended Whiskeys Bourbon KnobRead more ->

Easy Strawberry-Infused Gin with 3 Cocktail Recipes

Strawberries for strawberry-infused gin

Hey there, fellow gin enthusiasts! Let’s talk about something exciting today: strawberry-infused gin! Now, I know what you might be thinking: gin? Not really my thing. Believe me, I’ve been there. My first encounter with gin was with Bombay Sapphire, and let’s just say, it wasn’t exactly love at first sip. It was like taking a bite out of a Christmas tree! But hey, hereRead more ->

Easy DIY Cold Brew Concentrate

DIY Cold Brew Concentrate Ingredients

Tasty and convenient, this diy cold brew concentrate is one of my favorite ways to caffeinate! It’s more flavorful than hot coffee, and, in my opinion, the homemade stuff tastes better than most brands you’ll find at the store (or at Starbucks). Why cold brew? Cold brew is convenient, versatile, and much more flavorful than Hot or iced coffee. This DIY cold brew concentrate can easily beRead more ->

Paloma Cocktail with Grapefruit Juice

Paloma cocktail with grapefruit

Hey friends! Today we’re making one of my favorite summer beverages–a Paloma cocktail with grapefruit juice! This perfect patio sipper is delicious on its own and is the perfect pairing for everything from Mexican food to barbecue. While I prefer to make a paloma cocktail with grapefruit juice and a splash of soda water on top instead of grapefruit soda, but it’s worth mentioning thatRead more ->

Chamomile Simple Syrup–An Easy, 5 Minute Recipe!

One of our most versatile bar creations, chamomile simple syrup can be used in a variety of cocktails. Simple Ingredients This versatile syrup is made with just 3 ingredients–filtered water, cane sugar and dried chamomile! Using Chamomile Simple Syrup in Cocktails Just use it in place of simple syrup wherever subtle floral notes are desired. We’ve had great results with a variety of spirits, including:Read more ->

Passionfruit La Croix Hurricane

Fat Tuesday is almost here, so we’re getting in the spirit with a Passionfruit La Croix Hurricane. This twist on the New Orleans classic has the familiar flavors of the hurricane without all the sugar. (Don’t worry, I’ll include a few options for a sweeter version as well.) Like most people reading this, I don’t live in New Orleans, but there’s no reason why weRead more ->